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Topics for Internal Assessment Assignment 2011 - 2012 .


General Instructions to Students for Writing I.A. Assignments English / Kannada

M.Com - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Com - Final Year [pdf]

M.Sc. Botany - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Sc. Botany - Final Year [pdf]

M.Sc. Chemistry - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Sc. Chemistry - Final Year [pdf]

M.Sc. Mathematics - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Sc. Mathematics - Final Year [pdf]

M.Sc. Physics - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Sc. Physics - Final Year [pdf]

M.Sc. Zoology - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Sc. Zoology - Final Year [pdf]

M.Sc. BioTechnology - Previous Year [pdf]
M.Sc. BioTechnology - Final Year

B.Sc - First Year [pdf]
B.Sc - Second Year [pdf]
B.Sc - Third Year [pdf]

B.Com - First Year
B.Com - Second Year [pdf]
B.Com - Third Year

B.A - First Year [pdf]
B.A - Second Year [pdf]
B.A - Final Year [pdf]

B.B.M - First Year [pdf]
B.B.M - Second Year [pdf]
B.B.M - Final Year [pdf]

M.A English - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A English - Final Year  [pdf]

M.A Political Science - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A Political Science - Final Year

M.A Sociology - Previous Year
M.A Sociology - Final Year

M.A Economics - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A Economics - Final Year

M.A Hindi - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A Hindi - Final Year

M.A Kannada - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A Kannada - Final Year

M.A Urdu - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A Urdu - Final Year

M.A Education - Previous Year  [pdf]
M.A Education - Final Year

M.A History - Previous Year
M.A History - Final Year  [pdf]

L.L.M - Previous Year  [pdf]
L.L.M - Final Year  [pdf]
-   L.L.M - Dissertation Guidelines [pdf]

PGDIP - Business Administration
PGDIP - Human Resource Management  [pdf]
PGDIP - Financial Institute and Markets  [pdf]
PGDIP - Kannada Journalism (Includes Project Guidelines)  [pdf]
PGDIP - Marketing Management  [pdf]


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